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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Birthday - 26


Thank to Allah.
For giving me a chance to stay live till this time.

yaaa,as you can see, below are my pictures.
Thank you to Prof especially.
Thank you for celebrating our birthday!
For me, it is a hard kind to find an employer and at the same time a lecturer just like you.
I believed every lectures especially have their own way to treat students.
*It will happen to me as well if I have the chances to be a lecture.

I love being your student and employee as well.
Have a leader like you is great you know.
I starting to understand how your act and style when talking to someone.
The most important is I believe that I starting to love the way you treat your student, the way you teach them and last but not least I triple like the way you make corrections towards your students thesis and assignment as well.
It is a kind hard to have a lecturer who really spend their time to make a correction word by word, sentence by sentence on their assignment.

yeah, someone who read this may feel it is just same with another lecturer that they have.
But for me, I believe she is still the best.
However, I still love and miss my old lecturers.
UNIMAS @ FCSHD (HRD) lecturers.

They are superb.
The way they teaching and treat student also awesome.
No words can replace their action.
Love them so much.

Ya,,,,that all about my lecturers.

Now, I move to another point.

Being a master student in UUM does not same as what I saw in UNIMAS.
From my point of view =D
Maybe because the learning and student environment at here are totally different from what I have before.

However, being a master student is not about last minute work!! OKAY!
And I totally agreed bout that statement.

As a master student, I have to get prepared all the time.
Just to make sure the progress of my thesis run smoothly.


Yah sure. My current job was influencing what I am saying right now.
Being a RA is not an easy job.
Whereby I have to ensure all the task is in good manner. =)
BUT I really love this job.
PLUS, I have good clicks here.

They are too helpful.
As their junior, they really help me.
I cannot imagine how am I going to survive without their helper.
That is because I did not attend any orientation here.
So I might blur and confuse without their help.
MANY THANKS Ain and Firdaus.

Hope we still contacted between each others even you both already finish the study and become a lecture one day.
Who know you both could be my Phd supervisor in future as what we had joke before.

Yah, I think enough till here.
Creepy to much.
And I need to sleep in few more minutes.

***Forgot to share here that I get another nephew today.
Baby girl from my sister.
The name is ____.
ahahha secret. I will share one fine day.

A cake from Prof.

Cutting the cake. Credit to Ain for taking my picture. hihi