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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Express the words


Football field always full with teenagers who used to play a football game. They always play the game after the school has finish. The teenagers from 'Kampung Semangat Waja' was grouping into two groups. The first group would be the teenagers at the age seven until 11 years old. This group is younger than the teenagers from the other group. Most of the teenagers from the second group are labelled themselves as Gen Y. It shows that the teenagers from this group is at the age around 15 until 21 years old. Gen Y and Z has different personality. As peoples nowadays can see, Gen Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y have their own personalities. Even among of the peoples for that group also has differences.

       At the corner of the field, it seems a young boy who sit on the chair. He was looking around. Looking around just like nothing has happened at the field. He looked at the field with blank view. He is nine years old. He still study at primary school. He was a good student at school. During his year 1 and 2, he got awards from the school based on his academic achievement. Peoples surrounding him used to call him Martin. That is his English name. He is a Malay boy but looks like European peoples. That is because his grand father was a Poland and meanwhile his grand mother was a Malaysia. His grand parents was met between each other while they were studied in the United Kingdom. That was 53 years back story.

     Martin, his Malay name is Isma. He kept looking around while throwing the stone in front of him. Suddenly, his friend name is Syukur comes to him. Syukur is inviting Martin to play together with them. But, it seems he refusing the invitation. Syukur looked at Martin. Ada wandering if Martin have a problem. Syukur can see Martin's water face. His face looked different compared to the moment they were planning to join the football game.

     "Martin, does you have something to share with me?, If yes, please let me know okay." said Syukur. 'I have to go first because they are waiting for me, they don't have enough player, I have to play, I will get you later" said Syukur while walking slowly to the field. Syukur feeling weird with Martin because he never see Martin be like that.

Martin looked at Syukur without saying anything.

     Without realizing, Martin talk to himself. "Sometimes, I am weird why people calling me Martin. I am not English people. But they used to called it since I am young. I know that my grand parents was mixed marriages but not me!. Somehow, I just accept when peoples called me Martin. My parents is the one who start it. 

     All of sudden, Martin leave the field. He leaves without telling Syukur. He feel so stress about himself. He can't focus on the game. He doesn't have good mood to play the game. He think it would be better for him to go home. Syukur realize that Martin just left him alone with another team mate. Syukur shook his head and he know that Martin have a problem. They know each other for a long time. Since they were three years old. Syukur knows how Martin would behave due to any situation. Martin and family were moved into that village because of work. Martin's father were got a job at the nearby town. Meanwhile, Martin's mother were a housewife. On top of that, Martin's only have one younger brother and younger sister.

     Martin walk slowly. His house is near to the field. So, it shouldn't be a problem for him to go to the field for everyday. His mother also don't have any problem with that. He go directly to his room and take out a paper and pencil. Without wasting the time, he write a letter quickly to his cousin. His cousin's name is Emma. Emma is 11 years old. When they both were babies, they used to play together but they couldn't remember most of the memories that they had together because of aging factor. As they remembered, they always play together when their parents meet each others. Rarely contact each other because of the distance. They don't have hand phone. Their family don't allowed them to have hand phone since they are still young.

     Emma also a good student in her school. But only received awards for one time. That was during her standard 4. She quite good in making a good relationship with her school mates and the teacher. That made she almost known by all teachers and students at the same age with her


Letter -
Dear Emma,

Hey! How are you doing? I hope you are good since you already become more fatter than those days. Hehe. Don't get mad okay, I am just kidding! hahaha =) Okay, actually I have something to share with you. For me, it might be seriously because I really hope into that. Hope my story in this letter would find you to understand my situation. You know, it's not a big problem but because of some reasons that I couldn't tell you in this letter it makes me think about it most of the time.

     Okay, get to the main point. Sometimes, I do feel that the environment is not supporting me. I think you know what I want to tell you but it's okay to make it clear I will tell you everything, for the time being. My issue is I have weak communication skills especially in English. I admitted that our grand father was the United Kingdom peoples but it's not a matter. I have an intermediate level of English. Our grand parents history doesn't affect in this story. The problem is me. You know that my English communication is weak, so I planned to speak in English with my friends. But the thing is I felt like they were not supporting me. I am not sure why that is happen. I am scared you know. I am looking forward to apply one of the boarding schools in Kuala Lumpur. Then, I must have a good English. 

     When I can't speak English as my daily language I felt down. I am scared that peoples surrounding me will look down at me after that. I believe, my English wouldn't improve if I didn't practice my speaking skills. That's why I really need a supportive environment. Honestly speaking, I really wanted to speak just like our grand parents'. They all good. But you know, some people will look down to another when they know their English is not as they expect it to be. Especially, when they think that I should have a fluent English when looked our family history. The issue is my mother used to speak in Malay at home even she knows how to speak English. It is because she wants us to fluent in Malay language. Same goes to my father. They both only speak in English when they are talking to their friends. But somehow, there is a time they do speak in English with me. They know that English is important but still want to use Malay while at house. I am okay with that since they talked in English with me sometimes. That is not a big problem actually.

     This is just a thought. Maybe they don't feel just like what I feel. We will see how it goes in. Moreover, I had added it as a key performance indicator for myself. I have my on mission in my life. What I really want to achieve is the advanced level of English. I just want to feel confident while talking to other peoples in English. Sometimes, I don't feel confident to speak with them. Because they make me feel confused. The thing is my close friend in my home town can speak English with another friend when they met. Emma, I don't mind how they going to speak but as long as they can express what they say.

     For your information, I don't have too many friends among the villages. I used to speak in English with you even I know that my English is worst. But, for me nothing will improve if a person doesn't practice her/his speaking skils.

     Last but not least, please reply to this message whenever you are free. Looking forward to your next e-mail Emma!

Thank you,


As I finish write the letter to Emma, I folding the letter and put it into the envelope. I am going to ask my father to send the letter to my cousin, Emma. Hopefully, my father is willing to help me since I don't have any vehicle to go to town.

*To be continued
*the characters in this story is fictional tapestry, nothing to do with anyone. If there are any questions, please contact me via email - ahzhannan@gmail.com

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